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To succeed from home, You must know how to manage from home.

Virtual Team Meeting

It's not a people problem.

The game changed. The rules changed. Did you adapt your management strategies to succeed from home? How else will we get the best production from our teams working from home?

At Aspen City-1 (2).jpg
At Aspen City-1 (2).jpg
At Aspen City-1 (2).jpg
Sport Tactics

Something's missing.

The problem is you don’t have a playbook that guides your managers step by step in adapting to Managing from Home, which makes you feel disappointed that WFH may become a failed experiment and frustrated because you know WFH is good for your company.

What to Do?

Step one: help your employees adapt to working from home (WFH).



Step two: help your leaders effectively adapt to managing from home (MFH).


Unfortunately, Not Done.

Work From Home is Here to Stay.

If your leaders don't gain the needed skills to effectively manage from home (MFH), You organization will struggle on many fronts:

Less Productive Employee

Less Productivity

If micro managing takes away any margin for chilling, playing, or scrolling, Productivity goes down, not up!!

I Quit-1.jpg


Your top talent have figured out how to succeed at home. They like it. They will keep working from home.



Too many channels. No clarity. and No parameters. Confusion is deadly.



We loved it when our people blurred the lines between work and off work and started working 15-18 hour days. Now they're burnt.

Don't Care-1.jpg


When people lose track of their why or the organization's greater purpose, They check out.

Grey Cubicles

Back to The Office

Without a clear path to success, leaders are moving backwards to The Office.

Decades of Research

Workers from home can outperform teams working at the office. according to dozens of well designed Pre-pandemic studies. A few things have to change, including our mindset. We should be raising expectations for our virtual teams instead of lowering them.

Three Steps to Success



Establish Baseline

Giving a Presentation


Learn the

MFH System

Video Conference





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