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Coach Mike has a strong and unique track record.  He developed the sales and marketing strategy for two different companies in the Medical Sector. 


Launched sales and marketing for both start ups.  He recruited his crews, established distribution, led distributors and direct reports, trained everyone, and grew both companies through strong sales results. 


The first start up was acquired by a larger manufacturer for $25 million after four years of growth.  The second company was also sold to a larger manufacturer for $25 million after 18 months of stellar growth. 


Certified Sales Coach

As a Certified Sales Coach, Mike Denker helps you:


  • Sell More than Ever Before

  • Establish a Profit Culture

  • Overcome obstacles

  • Destroy distractions

  • Stay on track

  • Simplify systems

  • Go farther than you believed possible


  • Recruited, Hired, Trained, and Led Three National Sales Forces.

  • Motivated and Inspired a team of engineers to sell effectively.

  • Created and Led Sales and Marketing for two different start ups.

  • Both Start Ups were acquired for $25 Million.

  • Led field and telephone sales teams for a Fortune 100 company in a unionized environment.

  • 20 years of sales and leadership experience: Local, Regional, and National.

  • Inspired in sales by Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and many others.



"To a rocket, I've been tied.  I'm ready for a screaming ride.  It's full of fuel, and I just lit the fuse."

--Big Kenny & John Rich

Meet Coach Mike

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